The history of the Hub began with the New Deal for Communities, a national, decade-long government programme with big ambitions.

The New Deal targeted a number of disadvantaged parts of the UK, including North Fulham, empowering local people to design their own solutions to a huge range of difficult problems: poor health, crime rates, high unemployment, and low educational attainment.

After the New Deal came to an end, Fulham Community Partnership Trust (FCPT) was created to champion civic engagement and keep the legacy of the New Deal for Communities alive.

In 2010, the FCPT decided to buy an old school building at 20 Dawes Road and convert it into badly needed community office space and affordable housing.

After a spectacular and extensive renovation project, in December 2012 20 Dawes Road re-opened its doors and has been welcoming local charities, entrepreneurs and start-ups ever since.

In 2014 FCPT merged with CaVSA to create Sobus which now owns and manages the Dawes Road Hub.